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Sales center for suction/blowing material transfer devices

about us Tejarat Sanat Yar is an expert and complete package of all technical, managerial and executive skills for a successful and risk-free business, especially for businessmen and industrial owners. Today, the tight competition, the risky path, the importance and role of time and cost management leave no room for trial and error. Success and staying at the top is only possible with the use of expert consultants and the use of up-to-date facilities and technologies. Relying on its experiences and valuable expert team in commercial and industrial projects, Tejarat Sanat Yar proposes, provides and supports a reliable, safe and risk-free route at the lowest cost. We are proud to be a small part of your success. With us, the puzzle of your success will be completed.
  1. Visiting the workshop by a technical expert
  2. Joint meeting with industry owners and review of needs and priorities
  3. Presenting the basic plan of equipping the workshop and announcing the prerequisites
  4. Review and announcement of opinions and approval of the initial plan by experts and industrial owners
  5. contract and…
  1. Financial advice regarding the transfer of foreign currency remittances abroad
  2. Transfer money transfers from anywhere in the world
  3. Opening of Letter of Credit (LC)
  1. Advice on buying and selling commercial goods inside and outsiade the country
  2. Advice on import and export of goods and customs matters
  3. Business negotiations for buying and selling goods
  4. Obtaining representation from famous companies and manufacturers and brands
  5. Commercial services and buying goods from anywhere in the world and shipping goods to Iran through legal channels and delivery at Iranian customs