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It is a pneumatic material conveyor system that transports solid materials in different volumes and at high speed over long distances by using compressed air and creating vacuum and suction in parallel. This system has no moving parts and requires much less maintenance than systems with moving parts. This system is produced in required sizes. It also has threaded and non-threaded connections for ease of installation and use in various industries.

Product benefits
The pneumatic conveyor is a suction conveying device with a much smaller size than other suction devices on the market. This product can have a parallel flow of materials with high precision. The advantages of this device include the following:
– No risk of electrocution and device explosion
– The possibility of customized production according to the needs of the consumer
– Immediate and dynamic operation without interrupting the material transfer flow
– Production of products with different raw materials (steel and aluminum)
– Parallel transfer of materials without hitting the internal components of the device
– The possibility of using a variety of connection methods according to the conditions of the installation site

Select product size
This product is available in different sizes depending on its application. Size criteria include the following:
– Diameter, volume and weight of the material to be transferred
– The diameter of the pipe or hose used at the entrance and exit
– The type of product suitable for the transferable material
– Input and output connection (threaded and non-threaded)
For larger sizes and capacities greater than 3 inches, a higher compressed air supply is required. However, it is also possible to order larger sizes. This product is available in different materials such as aluminum, anodized aluminum and stainless steel

Advantages of pneumatic transmission over mechanical transmission
Pneumatic conveying is an ideal method for moving powder materials, granular materials, dry bulk materials including fine particles, cement, carbon black, sugar starch, flour, plastic pellets, resin, coal, sand, iron ore powder, products food and other types of materials with high speed and very desirable quality. This is despite the fact that moving these materials using conveyor belts and mechanical methods causes pollution and waste of products.

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